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Cures with salty water have many benefices for health, having the capacity to treat a multitude of disorders. They are recommended for rheumatism, scoliosis dermatological issues, breathing issues, gynecological disorders or for people wanting to get better after a surgical intervention. The Hotel-Treatment Base Ariesul Turda makes available for its customers an inside pool with naturally salted water from the Tarzan lake, at the temperature of 37 degrees and the swimming pool Bai Sarate belonging to the hotel but situated at a distance of several minutes. The swimming pool has 3 pools with salty water, a playground for children and trampoline. Also, for people having prohibitions concerning the pool, the Hotel Ariesul makes available for them the tube with salty water which can be adjusted as needed and the plants tube for people with cardiac disorders.

The salty water is known also for the prevention and treatment of respiratory disorders such as rhino-laryngitis, sinusitis, viruses, allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis or pulmonary fibrosis.

It also has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect upon the locomotor system, reducing the pain, increasing the articulations; mobility and muscular flexibility.

The great quantities of salt and organic substances make from the salty water a natural treatment to rebalance the female hormones and to treat infertility.

Within the treatment base we do packing or local treatments with mud. This kind of therapy is used because it activates the blood circulation, with a very important effect in treating the paresthesia. The muds are also very useful in treating the post-trauma disorders and chronic rheumatisms.

Another procedure applied in our treatment base is the laser therapy. It is a non-invasive procedure being appreciated by our patients, especially those who avoid drug cure. Its effect is relief or even complete pain reduction for patients who want it without surgical intervention or drugs. It is used for a wide range of medical disorders, including muscles and bone troubles, rheumatism, post-trauma disorders, neurologic, digestive, oto-rhino-laryngological and dental disorders, dermatology, cardiovascular disorders, genital issues and many other recommendations.

The ultra-sound therapy is another good therapy in treating the degenerative rheumatism, chronic inflammatory, for recent fractures, concussions, breaks, sprains, dislocations, hematomas, neuralgia, and neuritis.

The electrotherapy, by its different forms of application, is useful in: chronic rheumatism, inflammatory or degenerative disorders, peripheral nerves, lesions of the central motor neuron, the electric adapted procedures are very useful as therapy associated to the treatment of complications in chronic disorders of systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary. On these conditions, the electric procedures are useful in the basic treatment for these disorders and also when they come together with other disorders of locomotor system, recommended for physical kinetic recovery.

Galvanic baths represent the simplest electric therapy, but also the oldest. Thanks to the local activating effect upon the blood circulation, expanding the blood veins, but also thanks to the painkilling effect, the galvanic baths have many uses, especially in rheumatism, but also in peripheral blood circulation. The recommendations of galvanic therapy are many: troubles in the nervous system, troubles in the locomotor system, cardiovascular troubles, dermatological troubles.

Under the action of magnetic field there are favorable effects leading to accelerating the repairing processes in wounds cure, bone callus, necroses cure, no matter their origin. Articulation disorders, Neural-psychic disorders, cardiovascular disorders, Digestive disorders. Good effects on stress and chronic tiredness and orthopedic recovery.

Kinetic therapy can treat many troubles, but it is recommended also for healthy people to improve their physical condition, their tonus and muscular force. Kinetic therapy or “medical gymnastics” considered one of the most important steps in medical recovery, increases the muscular force and resistance but also the articulations mobility by specific physical exercises. Kinetic therapy aims: correction of position, increasing the muscular force, increasing the muscular resistance, increasing the mobility, coordination, control and balance, effort training, breathing education, sensitivity education, relax. By this technique we obtain muscles tightness on all their length, having as a result the relaxation, flexibility increase and movement amplitude.

The massage represents, along with medical gymnastics, a basic mean, specific for kinetic therapy, being considered compulsory in applying an efficient treatment.

Therapeutic massage is part of the medical procedures of recovery, being one of the most efficient treatments for many disorders. Benefits of therapeutic massage: stimulates blood circulation, painkilling effect, stimulates the production of synovial liquid, according to the manipulation, it can be: decontracting, toning, myo-relaxing etc., improves local metabolic condition.

Recommendations for therapeutic massage: hip arthrosis, spondilitis, knee arthrosis, muscle contractions, cyphosis, muscle tights, articulations pain, backaches, orthopedic traumatic disorders, neurologic disorders, rheumatism, cardiovascular troubles, respiratory troubles, digestive, metabolic and endocrine troubles.


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